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Edoardo Gironi

I grew up with technology, loving people and knowledge. I have always had the luck and the courage to do things that enrich me and excite me. With this spirit I founded APPrendere.

Serena Grigolli

I work with people and for people, helping them to achieve innovation and business results in their processes, with the relationships, infrastructures, systems and devices.

Andrea Carloni

Beauty – with the help of creativity and innovation – can multiply development opportunities and transform existing situations into desired ones. The road to innovation and success? Make your work your passion, because this is the only way to do a good job.

Simona Simionato

Web and digital are my world. Scientific studies have made me develop a concrete approach to problem solving and achieving goals. In APPrendere I make sure that customers are satisfied with the chosen solution

Erick Venneri

Born in 95, I am a graduate in Computer Science at the Politecnico di Milano. Working with precision is a duty, doing it with passion is a pleasure. In my spare time I am a fan of technology, video games and a podcaster.

Enrico Perversi

In the path from my engineering degree thesis to the co-founding of APPrendere, man has always been at the center. The growth and development of the person are the meaning of work and life.

Yoko Berardi

After years of experience as a web content editor and graphic designer, since 2017 I have been involved in e-learning instructional development. In APPrendere I take care of following customers in their implementation phase.

Francesca Vaccarino

I am passionate about communication and I believe in the social value of training. I help people make the most of learning technology to improve themselves and the organizations in which they work.

Marzia Paone

I am a curious person who loves to explore the most diverse and distant realities. Graduated in languages, a few years ago I discovered a passion for the tech and digital world. I bring in APPrendere my varied baggage of experience to make a difference with customers.

Valentina Greco

One of my great passions is art; from it, I learned the importance of research and improvement, the latter often achieved by breaking traditional schemes. The desire to share with new one’s knowledge and new training methods led me to APPrendere.

Violetta Maggioni

Curiosity drives me to always learn new things and discover how they work. As a mechanic, I like knowing how to arrange the parts of a car so that it runs at its best. In the same way, in APPrendere, I find a great team in which every single component, with their own passion, operates a vast system to stimulate and involve people in training.

Lorenzo Albanese

Graduated as a business IT systems engineer, who has always been passionate about technology, information technology and video games. The secret to working well is doing it with passion every day, accepting challenges and always giving your best.

Valeria Micci

Communication is not what we say, but what comes to others. Through my studies in the world of digital marketing, I love to blend communication with digital innovation. In APPrendere, I am concerned with sharing the philosophy, services and resources of the company itself.

Enrica Ortolani

The contamination of disciplines, knowledge and approaches is for me a continuous source of growth. Classical studies, economic training, masters in coaching, managerial experience and consultancy sales, have nourished my curiosity and the propensity to learn from everything around me. In LEARNING I am concerned with listening to the needs of people and companies and translating them into ideas and solutions supported by technology.

Stefania Dalla Caneva

During my professional experience I was able to work in an international and multi-ethnic environment. I like to face new challenges, concreteness and the desire to help others are the characteristics that best represent me.

Marcello Vaccarino

An engineering graduate, I tackle problems by asking questions. In APPrendere I deal with system integration and data management.

Antonella Pagliarani

My research, teaching and consulting activity is oriented towards companies as complex living systems. Passion is in supporting people and teams to enhance self-knowledge and relationships between oneself and others. I facilitate Change Management processes, accompanying people and companies in their evolutionary development.

Naima Bourhzal

Curiosity and reflection are my guidance, knowledge is my destination, and learning is what makes me who I am today. At APPrendere I help you transform your learning experience into a unique and personalized journey where you choose the how, where, and when to learn.

Carlotta Loreti

I have been passionate about technology since I was given my first computer at the age of 10, and since then I have never gotten rid of it. I am graduating in Computer Engineering at PoliMi. In APPrendere I found a stimulating environment that has given me the opportunity to improve my IT skills.

Marie Dominique Raffier

Passionate by blended learning and systemic approach in Training, I work in helping companies to digitalize their training. Creating blended learning stories to engage learners and as a project manager for LMS implementation. I am French Swiss and fluent in English, French and German.

Andrea Cuevas

After several years in Marketing, I transitioned into Frontend Development. In my career, I have never shied away from a challenge and have always looked for opportunities that allowed me to grow and develop. I was particularly drawn to join the APPrendere team because of its culture that encourages learning and growth, not only for its clients but also for its own team members.

Alessandro Comi

I strongly support automatism, which is why I have made programming my passion and lifestyle. My mixed training (electronics, avionics, finance) allows me to analyze problems from several points of view, often arriving at the most suitable solutions. In my free time, I manage a YouTube channel.

Francesca Era

For thirty years I have been involved in editing films, videos, commercials. I create stories, putting together images and sounds, fragments of countless stories. With APPrendere there was immediately great understanding: together we can tell many stories.

Sofya Mikhaseva

I’m a problem solver and I like helping clients find the best solutions. I’ve been working with the public for years and I never stop learning. Active listening is my main characteristic, which I consider the pillar of effective communication.

David White

Behind my two decades in sales and sales management is a firm belief in the power of relationship building. I understand that successful sales isn’t just about closing deals but also about cultivating authentic connections built on trust, empathy, and mutual respect. I believe what sets me apart is my unwavering passion for lifelong learning. Recognizing that the landscape of sales is constantly changing and I need to embrace every opportunity to acquire new knowledge, I wish to use this passion, thirst for knowledge, and genuine desire to make a lasting impact for my customers.

Anagha Radhakrishnan

As a software engineer and open-source enthusiast, I am constantly curious about exploring technology. I describe myself as a learner, always eager to understand and develop something new. I recently joined Apprendere as a Backend developer and am looking forward to contributing to the team’s growth.


I’m a computer science graduate driven to solve real-world problems using my tech expertise and problem-solving skills. I thrive in collaborative teamwork to create scalable and robust engineering solutions. Committed to continual learning, I embrace the hustle and find joy in sharing knowledge with others. Believe in innovate and Building together!

Daniela La Milia

With a solid background and experience as a translator, I have nurtured a passion for learning and discovering new cultures. My thirst for personal and professional growth has led me to seek new challenges and opportunities. I am particularly delighted to work with a cutting-edge company that uses the latest technologies and collaborates with businesses worldwide. I believe that work should be a source of inspiration and personal fulfillment, and I am determined to find my purpose and passion in it. I am eager to contribute to the success of APPrendere and to continue learning and growing in this dynamic role.

Dharam Muscas

Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel and live in different countries, which has allowed me to cultivate an open-mindedness about the world and the various cultures. For me, it is very important to be aware, both of yourself and of the world you live in, in order to push and go beyond your limits. With APPrendere I continue to put myself on the line to best serve the requests of each projects, combining creativity, awareness and growth.

Erika Puricelli

I’m a bit of a jack of all trades: I’ve held many different roles in my professional career, however, the common denominator is the ability to work in multifunctional teams where I can bring real value. Learning and knowledge are something that I am very passionate about, and in APPrendere, I bring this passion in all the projects I manage.

Mattia Rossi

Futures studies specialist, executive coach, I come from a humanities background and from managerial experience. I’m passionate about finding out how to build the world digital at the service of people. In APPrendere, I scan the emerging futures and tell them to the colleagues and clients by doing consulting, training and creating courses.

Rossella Fava

Professional coach, Master in HR Management, I am passionate about facilitating personal and organizational evolution. My favorite game is the generative contamination of ideas. In APPrendere I deal with organizational learning and explore training and change needs with the client.

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