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A breakthrough AI-powered platform to create Animation and Live-Action videos for non-designers and professionals, from early-stage startups to seasoned Fortune 500 companies.
As a partner, we support you in training and creating animations.

Area 9

This system uses microlearning and adaptive-learning approaches. Strongly rooted in training experiences, with twenty years of history and winner of the 2018 Brandon Hall Group Silver Award, it offers a range of structured and sophisticated solutions. Adaptive learning is at the forefront of innovation in adult learning, making it possible to harness the unexploited potential of digital training for effective and lasting results.


Create effective training videos from text with AI avatars and achieve the outcomes you desire.
“The most versatile tool for making engaging videos.”
We offer consulting for independent use or we can prepare and manage the tool for you.


This is an LMS, a digital environment in which the company’s training academy is developed. It offers a wealth of functionality, building forms according to the needs of the company and inserting many different types of courses, all specially designed and created: “The best online training platform on the market” (


Iorad is a tool that records the screen and all the specific actions like clicks, scrolling, typing, and more in real-time, producing a polished tutorial with step-by-step instructions that you can share instantly.
This is the ideal tool for those involved in providing support or creating courses.


This is an authoring system, offering complex software to create training objects, integrating and editing video, text, audio and images. It enables Instructional Designers to create complex, high-quality products in reasonably short time frames. We know how to use this software to its full potential and we offer support and assistance to customers that employ it.


In terms of content, we can rely on our partnership with a historic name in the training sector, and one that boasts decades of experience and keeps on innovating. Back when training was still classroom based, they were called Amicucci Formazione. Today they are know by the name Skilla, and offer an extensive library of courses and content which is constantly updated and evolving, for hard and soft skills alike.

Training Orchestra

This is a training management system: it enables optimisation of training processes and their coordination with the requirements of companies, from planning to logistics and right through to cost control. The return on an investment in training does not depend solely on the quality of the course presentation but also on the efficiency of its management.


Workato is an integration platform for intelligent automation that helps you automate business workflows across cloud and on-premises apps. For example, automate business processes which may involve transferring data between apps such as Salesforce, Netsuite and Apttus. It also support Docebo integration. Workato enables business and IT to collaborate to build, function and rollout automation without compromising security.


A single log-in for the company training academy platform gives access to all the necessary tools: including this application for video-conferencing and webinars. In our capacity as partners, we have “behind-the-scenes” developer access and can fine-tune everything for fluid and efficient integration.

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