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Our quality policy

APPrendere promotes and develops consultancy, planning, implementation and provision of digital training courses according to the specifics of its customers, regardless of the sector.

APPrendere, using the contents provided by its customers and by professionals with consolidated skills and experience, is able to create multimedia training material, relying on the most advanced technologies and implementation methods.

Each project is studied and designed on the basis of the analysis of the individual realities and company needs by developing ad hoc actions. The distinguishing and winning characteristic of APPrendere S.r.l. is its use of qualified consulting and training professionals with consolidated specialist experience from the business world. This enables effective transfer of skills and experience, supporting professional growth and making businesses more competitive.

The contribution of the project team is essential for the continuity and development of our Company. Only by welcoming change and adopting a modern outlook can we face challenges and achieve our future goals. Our policy has to be underpinned by continuous improvement in all areas of our business. The number of complaints and other information from “external” sources allows us to evaluate the quality of our product and levels of customer satisfaction. We have to maintain critical analysis of our methodologies, always keeping an eye on what our competitors are doing and on general developments.

Constant re-examination of what we do and how we do it enables continuous improvement in every field. The rules that we have set ourselves, and those we set ourselves in future, represent the fundamental principles of company life.

APPrendere S.r.l. considers continuous improvement of internal processes, along with the Quality Management System, to be one of the key strategic tools to achieve our business goals.

With a strong customer focus, the company has defined and adopted a market strategy focused on identifying the needs of customers and precisely establishing and managing the relevant characteristics of services offered.

On the basis of these principles APPrendere S.r.l. takes all necessary action to ensure that processes and activities are aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • Adopt a framework rooted in a process-based approach with methods to track performance and processes of the Quality Management System through definition of specific indicators.
  • Develop products and services that predict and satisfy the requirements of customers.
  • Support the personnel within the organization and their professional growth at all levels by defining awareness-raising programmes and training.
  • Spread a culture of quality, through appropriate communications to all personnel and increase their knowledge.
  • Optimize and improve the service offered to customers.
  • Continuously improve the efficacy of the Quality Management System.
  • Support a working environment inspired by mutual respect, best practices and collaboration, enabling engagement and increasing personnel responsibility.
  • Operate in full compliance with regulations and laws at a national and international level applicable to the relevant business sector.
  • Create information materials, content and solutions that generate value for our customers, equipped with tools to improve their professional activity.
  • Particular and reserved attention to the evaluation of the internal and external context in which we operate in order to guarantee the satisfaction of the expectations of the interested parties
  • The common thread of all the activities is based on the adoption of “Risk basic thinking” in order not to overlook any eventuality that could generate problems or opportunities useful for our development

The effectiveness of our Management System is constantly monitored using various methods. There are periodic senior management meetings to guarantee specific reference parameters are met and periodic inspections at all levels, conducted both by internal personnel and independent auditors.

The importance of the goals for the Management Systems is demonstrated by their inclusion at the same hierarchical level as economic targets. This structure ensures precise planning of activities necessary to achieve such goals. Failure to achieve these goals represents a serious failure that can lead to serious consequences for all of us in the future.
It is also our policy to share these concepts and to encourage and convince all those involved (suppliers, colleagues, consultants and collaborators) that this is the only way forward to safeguard our work.

Edoardo Gironi

Date: January, 10th 2023

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