How to Set Up the Managers and their Teams via CSV File

Often, out of necessity and for convenience, we find ourselves using the csv file to import users into the platform, so why not use them to create managers and their teams within the platforms too?

Let’s see together how to make the procedure as easy as possible by following these simple tricks.

First thing first, what is a manager?

In the Docebo platform, a manager is a person in charge of a team (or multiple teams).

You can create up to ten different types of managers according to your needs; a single user may be more than one manager simultaneously.

The manager does not depend on a level, so a manager could be an admin, a power user or even a normal user.

What you need to know to create your csv file

You probably know that with csv files it is possible to import a large amount of data.

In Docebo some fields are case sensitive, therefore the information in the csv file that you want to import must be reported in a precise format or match exactly what is present on the platform; for instance, the branches must be written exactly as they are in the platform, therefore with any capital letters, underscores, spaces, and so on.

When you want to create the manager/team structure, you need to pass three info: 

  1. Which user is the manager;
  2. Which type of manager this user is;
  3. Who are the team members.

According to the Docebo guidelines, once you’ve decided all the managers you’ll need, you can import them using a csv file; 

In Docebo there is a particular field “Is Manager” and it is a yes/no field.

Whether a user is a manager or not should be inserted as the first information; because Docebo background job reads the csv file from top to bottom and so first it creates a manager and then the relations among the users.

To make the procedure smoother, the best solution is to create two separate csv files: in the first one, you may put the username and the “Is a manager” field, and in the second one you establish all the connections.

How to structure your csv file

Let’s get practical! In order to complete your manager/team creation via CSV file, as we said, you need to create two different files to upload. 

In the first one, you’ll need a column for the username and a column for each type of managers that you want to create (below an example)

In the second one, you will establish the connections between manager and team members. 

For instance: Jane is the “Manager type 1” of John and John manages a team of his own. 

If you want Jane to see her team and also John’s (in this case Mary), John needs to be a “Manager type 1” too. Below you can see how your CSV file should look like to achieve this configuration:

We hope that this article helped you learn more about manager creation via CSV file in Docebo. If you have any other tips or tricks, share it with us, we’re keen to read you! 

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