Global sales in e-learning

Is e-learning a temporary remedy for the pandemic? One more thing to place complement traditional classroom training? A fashion? The figures and sales say no, that’s not what this is. E-learning already existed before Covid. It had been growing exponentially for at least a couple of decades and it is here to stay and to continue to grow.

Reporting on a study by the Irish company Research and Markets, the specialist e-Learning Journal remarks that all entities – whether companies, schools or universities – are making more and more use of digital technology in their teaching activities.

According to this study, the overall e-learning market is expected to grow by an average 9.23% every year until at least 2025.

The Irish analysts expect the total value of this market to grow from the current $187 billion to $320 billion in five years. The highest percentage of growth will be in the Asia Pacific region (roughly China, Japan, Indonesia and Australia), whereas the US market remains the most important in terms of sales.

What’s driving this growth in e-learning sales? According to Research and Markets, the most notable factor is the marked increase in Internet coverage in different areas of the world, even the most remote. No less important are the spread of cloud-based solutions and a cost-benefit scenario that puts e-learning in the clear lead over traditional training.

Added to this are other factors, such as the use of artificial intelligence and the development of the Internet of Things. Also the fine-tuning of methods and techniques specific to digital training are making it and will continue to make it more efficient and effective.

Those who have been following us for some time now know that the last of these factors is the most innovative and at the same time most challenging. Digital training is not only technology. On the contrary, to unleash its full potential it requires a completely new method and a new design. We have created Silverline to facilitate this transformation. Registration for the Autumn 2021 edition is now open on this page.

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