Create and manage new custom reports

Do you need to know and analyze information regarding courses and learning materials on the platform? Do you want to know and analyze learners’ progress in their training courses?

The Docebo LMS platform allows you to process various types of reports that can provide you with all this information. It is also possible to schedule custom reports to be sent to you, to receive them automatically by email.


To take advantage of this feature on the new reports page in the platform, there are two tabs: 

  • “Quick Summary Reports and Dashboards”: to view various preset reports showing data in .pdf format or downloadable interactive detail dashboards in .pdf or .xls format.
  • “Custom report builder”: to create reports with custom settings, starting from some available templates with already selected fields( e.g.: users/courses, groups/branches – courses …etc).

Finally, depending on the apps active on the platform, additional reports are available to analyze additional data.

You can also use the reports with the automation app to automatically perform actions on the platform data depending on how your rule is set up.

In case you have not found what you are happy with, Docebo can build Query builders, which are ad hoc reports based on your needs that are also visible to Power Users.

With the extended enterprise installed, reports must always be created either from the main domain or from the sub-domain associated with the data and report users to allow them to be viewed (in fact, they are not visible if they are outside your subdomain).


Once you have defined the custom report, you can schedule it to be sent automatically by email to recipients even outside the platform. You can enter up to 25 recipients; be sure to press the Enter button when you enter the email addresses, otherwise, they will not be handled properly and scheduling will not work.

Also remember to define data visibility permissions, as recipients will see all the information in the report, regardless of the visibility restrictions they have set in the platform.


Reports can be viewed via preview, but keep in mind that with the transition to the new repository, data may not always be visible or up-to-date, so we recommend downloading the relevant file (available formats are .csv and .xls).

Please note that with the new management of Webinar (ILT) courses, instructors are no longer counted as enrolled course users, so pay attention to report filter selections so you can be sure you have included or excluded them in the report.

Finally, pay attention to the time zone: the time zone used to save dates is always UTC regardless of your platform’s time zone; therefore, the dates in the reports may differ by one day from those set in the filters.

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