Docebo Notifications: dos and don’ts

The Docebo Notifications app is a great tool that allows Admins to send reminders to targeted users. Your challenge is to use it wisely to engage Learners while avoiding overwhelming them with too many emails. Setting up a notification consists of three steps: Here are a few tips for optimum notifications management. How to: Events … Read more

Difference between SCORM and xAPI

SCORM and xAPI are data exchange file formats used for tracking learning activities on e-learning platforms such as Docebo. Let’s analyze their main characteristics, functionalities, and differences so that you can choose which one to use in your digital platform. SCORM: The SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) format is a commonly used reference protocol … Read more

Create and manage new custom reports

Create and manage new custom reports

Do you need to know and analyze information regarding courses and learning materials on the platform? Do you want to know and analyze learners’ progress in their training courses? The Docebo LMS platform allows you to process various types of reports that can provide you with all this information. It is also possible to schedule custom … Read more

How to Set Up the Managers and their Teams via CSV File

Often, out of necessity and for convenience, we find ourselves using the csv file to import users into the platform, so why not use them to create managers and their teams within the platforms too? Let’s see together how to make the procedure as easy as possible by following these simple tricks. First thing first, … Read more

Certificates: Tips and Tricks

Have you ever created a certificate on your Docebo platform? If so, you may have noticed that it could be a challenging activity.  With our tips and tricks, you can become a certificate guru.  First of all, you need to decide the language in which you will create your template. That’s because the language won’t … Read more

What are the benefits of an LMS

Created in Italy and currently setting the benchmark for e-learning worldwide, Docebo has been partnering with APPrendere since our beginnings. At APPrendere, we are experts in Docebo. We work together every single day, digging deep to pinpoint the exact needs of our clients and find the very best solution for each and every one. Why … Read more

What is a Training Management System

Efficiency and speed in the administration and logistics aspects of courses. This is one of the benefits of digitalisation. We’ve already talked about Learning Management Systems and we’ll certainly be coming back to them, given how important they are. These systems are for creating and delivering e-learning courses, and are not optimised for classroom management. … Read more