Personalised Training. For real.

The era of training restricted to a classroom setting is now on its way out. Let’s be clear: it’s not that classroom learning is no longer useful. Far from it. But it should no longer be considered THE ONE AND ONLY setting for training. It is just one of the many ways people can learn … Read more

Global sales in e-learning

Is e-learning a temporary remedy for the pandemic? One more thing to place complement traditional classroom training? A fashion? The figures and sales say no, that’s not what this is. E-learning already existed before Covid. It had been growing exponentially for at least a couple of decades and it is here to stay and to continue to grow. … Read more

What is a Training Management System

Efficiency and speed in the administration and logistics aspects of courses. This is one of the benefits of digitalisation. We’ve already talked about Learning Management Systems and we’ll certainly be coming back to them, given how important they are. These systems are for creating and delivering e-learning courses, and are not optimised for classroom management. … Read more

Adaptive learning: how it works, and why

Adaptive Learning

“I don’t have time. I’ve always got a lot of work to do”. That’s one of the most common objections people – at all levels in a company – make when invited to take part in a training course. Apart from thinking they don’t have enough time, another factor preventing them benefiting from training activities … Read more

The Disruption of Training

Digital disruption has, for several years, been a reality in many sectors. But now it has also entered the office and the lives of white-collar workers, and, whether they like it or not, consultants, trainers and coaches are also affected. LMS platforms, content creation and management, increasingly advanced communication technologies… These and many other aspects … Read more